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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

As we've become farmers market vendors, selling many of our microgreens as well as other great products, we've had a question asked multiply times. I'd even go as far as saying, this was our most asked question by customers. "What do I do with the microgreens?" Microgreens, are becoming more popular as time moves on. We are seeing and recognizing microgreens more and more. It is a versatile ingredient to be added to our meals and snacks.

Allow me if you will to just share a bit of education about our dearly loved microgreens. When you include microgreens in your day, you can expect to receive 4-40 times the nutritional value as that microgreens adult counterpart. There are in fact quite a few different microgreens to choose from. The very good news is, just 1 cup of microgreens is equivalent to 4 cups of that veggie, like broccoli for example.

Here's what you can enjoy microgreens with, are ya ready?








-Avocado toast

Seriously though, why limit yourself, if you're feeling like microgreens will be a good combination for your snack or meal, take a handful, add it to your favorite dish. For that matter, try them all by themselves.

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