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Do supplements help?

Do supplements even work? Well I know that I went back and forth on supplements and its efficacy. I used to say things like, if I just have a proper diet, that should be enough. I definitely hung on that one for many years. Then I got my college degree and that changed my mind a bit, but not entirely.

What Changed? I began experiencing my own personal wellness issues. One of them being stomach discomfort. I was having bathroom issues, I couldn't go, then I went all wrong, accompanied by lots of discomfort. I bounced around from practitioner to practitioner spending lots of money until I fell upon a great book that educated me on vitamin supplements. Vitamin C in particular.

How did it help? I began to take C, and several other vitamin supplements at a therapeutic level and in doing so I reduced my symptoms. I did find that after changing my diet and lifestyle , that the supplements where what certainly eased my conditions and kept me more peaceful.

Lifestyle Changes Improved the work of the vitamin supplements. While the vitamins helped me considerably, it was my lifestyle choices that brought me to become pain free and well again. The vitamins sure made things better. Do I declare it's healing power? I can't actually say those words, but when you're waking up aching daily, dreaming of peace again, the work that the vitamin did even if just knocking it down a few notches, makes that much of a difference.

The power of change. It certainly helped me and I would suggest everyone give consideration to educating themselves on vitamin supplements. You'll learn a few things and then you can make informed decisions on your wellness goals. We each experience a journey

somewhat different from others. We each need to learn what that involves individually. We need to recognize that we all get different results and experience a different story from others. Some of us prefer to be an autodidact. Others seek the help of professionals to guide and support their journey. If you find you're that person who seeks advice and help. You can find help here.

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