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About !!!

We have been wellness advocates for the past 15 years. Our journey began as many of yours have. We learned we were sick,  and we didn't choose to be, but being the autodidacts that we are. we embarked on an extensive research journey for many years having spent many dollars on appointments with either medical doctors or even sadly naturopaths with questions left unanswered. Through our findings along the way through our own research, we got well. We are a husband and wife team. (John) has a Biology degree, having also advanced to learning under the tutelage of a surgeon who prides himself in wellness practices, John is now a Carnivore coach. (Jan) has a Nutrition/Health and Wellness Degree, having continued on for 5 more years to achieve a Master Clinical Herbalist Certification and Clinical Essential Oil Certification, Jan is certified to teach in private or classroom settings.  Jan offers wellness coaching which incorporates her nutrition knowledge and experience combined with her herbal knowledge and experience to give both food and herbal blends to each client, which makes a nice balance. Jan will focus on the Keto diet, this is more of an introductory program.


John will focus on Carnivore and Fasting. This is a more intense program offering many benefits including weight loss but the difference between carnivore and keto is ....carnivore will address autoimmune issues better than Keto can. While both offer amazing results, mentally, physically, and physiologically, Keto is a bit more relaxed, allows for more variety with food choices and it works a bit slower than Carnivore may,  which is strict and it gets right down to business. Many have found that they reversed their long-term problems or reduced them dramatically on either plan. At this point, it's about your state of mind, if you're up for the challenge and feel strong enough to handle the intensity, carnivore is for you. If you find you're more the personality to ease into it and adjust as you go, Keto may be best suited for you. In our case, we each began on Keto, did that for months, nearly a year, and then we went to Carnivore, correcting a few key concerns with our health that Carnivore can do and now we mix it up. 


This balance of our similar educational and professional backgrounds brings home how well paired we are, grants us the blessing to press on towards our goal of wellness with great success as we reach out to share with our community. 

We are also homesteaders, having been at it for a few years now. We started out small, with composting, and raising ducks and rabbits instead of chickens like others did. We have also been growing our own garden for umpteen years.  We are excited to move to our property with more land, to raise chickens, pigs, and someday cows, which by the way is a BIG dream(cows). 

Our homestead

Our homestead is a complete bootstrap dream. When we acquired it, the land was barren, not a building on it, we did have the God-given gifts of a water source (a creek), a forest, the land itself. When we began gardening on it, bear in mind, we still don't live there, we built a water collection system, which worked out to be a gem because collecting water from the creek was quite challenging as it was going through a drought the year we began planting on it. The original plan for this land was to grow herbs and share them with our herb friends, but much to our misfortune the soil was depleted of nutrients due to past strip mine operations. The reclaimed soil had very little if any topsoil and is compacted making it awful to penetrate. We were able to grow watermelon and that's about it, nothing else did well. The money spent and the time and energy spent was way more than we realized and it was defeating. So we have changed our direction and are excited to reveal our plan once we've seen the success we expect. 

We aim to share our blessings with those who are drawn to the homestead-grown goods.


For now, until we can meet that success mentioned earlier, we do have herbal products and gardening products for sale. All of our herbs are either homegrown or acquired from various stellar companies who sell organic, which allows us to feel great about our end product. Please visit our shop and if your need is to improve your wellness goals, our tinctures, medicinal teas, and skin care products can be an added benefit in your life. If your need is to have a professional who is experienced, someone that will listen, and care enough to do far more than just tally up the dollar signs, we also offer wellness coaching. We have been successfully coaching our clients for years now, many of which return for coaching or some just purchase our products. 

Our Vision

Bringing God's most perfect gifts back into the lives of the community. 

There's an herb for that!!!

Indoor Herb Garden !!!!


Grow your own herbs indoors! Classes held twice a month.

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